Micro Self Care - Morning Coffee Edition

A quick meditation while savouring your morning cuppa.

Whether it be coffee, tea, water, wine or matcha, we can integrate a micro self care practice into the act of enjoying a beverage. For the purpose of this example, we will pretend it's a cup of coffee.

As you pour your cup of coffee, take a moment to feel a sense of gratitude for this drink. For the coffee and tea drinkers, it may be for the energy and alertness it provides to help us through our day. For the water drinkers, it may be for the hydration it provides our body.

Allow your hands and fingers to savour in the warmth of the cup. Allow the heat to radiate from your fingertips, through your hands and into your body.

Before you take a drink, take a moment to deeply inhale the scent of your drink. Take a deep breath in and make note of what feelings the scent invokes in you. Let your breath out with a sigh.

Take your first sip as if in slow motion and really savour the moment. Hold the liquid in your mouth for a few moments. Feel the hot liquid as it meets your tongue and follow its warm pathway down into your body. See if you can feel it settle in your tummy.

Notice how that first sip made you feel. Sit with that thought for a moment, then allow yourself a deep, nourishing breath before continuing on with your day.

Categories: : Self Care