The Zen Mama Yoga Deck is designed for busy moms and includes 50 micro yoga and mindfulness sequences that can be effortlessly interwoven into every day life.

Each themed sequence can be done in under 10 minutes and contains a short meditation and 3 curated yoga poses with easy to follow instructions and beautiful water colour illustrations.  

The deck is divided into two sections with 25 "Mind & Body" cards and 25 “On The Go" cards.

The “Mind & Body" cards contain sequences to help with specific concerns such as headaches, anxiety, back pain, energy boost, and insomnia, to support mom’s mental, physical and emotional wellness.    

The “On The Go" cards contain yoga sequences that are designed to be done while simultaneously completing every day tasks, such as grocery shopping, sitting at a desk, feeding, bathing and putting children to sleep, taking a shower, cooking, and cleaning.    

The micro sequences in the Zen Mama Yoga Deck empower moms to prioritize their wellness as they care for their families.    


- 1 Keepsake Box  

-  50 Micro Yoga Sequence Cards  

-  5 Introduction Cards with a Table of Contents, Guidelines, Tips, and Special Considerations to ensure mamas feel safe and comfortable practicing from home.