Micro Practices for the Busy, Stressed Out Parent

Micro-Practices practices are useful because they don't take a lot of time and yet have a profound effect.  

Vivek Patel, gentle parenting expert, will be sharing a series with you that help parents make the most out of whatever time and resources you have.  Micro-Practices help in regulating the nervous system, creating connection with  kids, and finding more balance with ourselves emotionally.  They do this without taking a lot of time. They integrate into our everyday moments because they are, by definition, "micro".  

From this session you will walk away with a number of helpful tools that can make your life better in so many ways.  Even just taking one or two of the series and working with them for a few weeks you'll see a dramatic change in your mindset, in your lens, and in your relationship with your kids and yourself.

LIVE WORKSHOP: Wednesday, May 25th 8:30pm EST (1 hr)

REPLAY: Receive on-demand access to the replay. The replay can be viewed via our app* or online via our virtual wellness studio.


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Meet Vivek Patel 

Vivek Patel of Meaningful Ideas has been sharing Conscious Parenting concepts for over 10 years. The ideas he shares have been used by thousands of families to create more harmony and connection in their homes. His online audience has grown to over 150 thousand people. He has written more than 500 parenting articles and created over 200 videos. There is also a book in the works.

Vivek cares deeply about empowering parents to develop more harmonious relationships with their kids using a powerful parenting model based on Communication, Connection and Collaboration.

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If you'd like to receive more personalized and intimate parenting support from Vivek, please consider joining his parenting support group.

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Micro Practices for the Busy, Stressed Out Parent

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